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Welcome to Savitribai Fule ITI

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Welcome to Savitribai Fule Industrial Training Institute

Status of vocational Education in India :
Indian education system largest in common wealth countries and second largest in the world next to USA.Out of appox.211million children in (6-14 age) group-84.91 %are enrolled in schools. More than 35 million children in (6-14) age group are out of school net primary school enrollment/attendance is only 77% by the year 2016 there will be approx. 500 million people with less than five years of schooling. Another 300 million that will be not have completed high school. Two third of the every year 5.5 million students pass out of class X, of which 3.3million go to Class XI,leaving 2.2 million out of the education stream. Those who drop out after class VIII are approx..20-21million-target group. Available formal training capacity of the country only 2.3million students. This leaves a gap of 18.7 million. The ITI system needs to be revamped to fill up this gap. Compared to many developed countries India is far behind in introducing new and innovative trades in VET to attract young children’s. About 5% to 7% of our population ( 50 to 70 million) every year should be involved in Vocational Programme countries labour force in (20-24 years) age under gone formal vocational training.

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Principal Message

Dear Students, in this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance to be equipped withappropriate knowledge,habits, attitudes and valuesleading toholistic development. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organised by various clubs and societiesfacilitate the process of creative and critical thinking.

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Growth and development

Growth and development of Industry is very much related to development of Industrial Training Institutes. Industry will be able to grow and prosper only if the Trainees coming out from various Industrial Training Institutes are able to meet the expectation of industry.To ensure the competency of trained students of ITI’s is at par with the

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About The Institute

The ITI is New one Permission to start new private ITI has been sought from Government of Maharashtra vide Letter No. Page No./ITI/2012/14 Dated 30-01-2013 This ITI is private sector Institute and is run by Mahatma Fule Shikshan Sanstha, Nagpur, a society aiming development of society and nation through education of citizens.

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Training @ SFPITI

Our ITI provides appropriate support and resources as per NCVT guidelines to impart training learning process with requisite number of hours and suitable methods. The teaching staff implements the course curriculum through a range of approaches and teaching strategies that recognize diverse learning style relevant to the learning needs.

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